Best ways to use instant pot trivet

Best ways to use instant pot trivet

The best ways to use Instant Pot trivet include steaming vegetables and cooking meat without touching the liquid. It’s ideal for keeping food items separate or for pot-in-pot cooking methods.

With its versatile features, the Instant Pot has transformed the culinary landscape of household kitchens, setting a new standard for cooking convenience and efficiency. Among its many accessories, the trivet plays a pivotal role. This handy tool elevates food above the liquid base, promoting even heat distribution and preventing sogginess. It’s a game-changer for dishes that require steaming, such as delicate vegetables or fish, ensuring they cook gently without becoming water-logged.

Meat lovers also benefit from the trivet; it allows fats to drip away, resulting in healthier meals with improved texture. Furthermore, the trivet is a star in the pot-in-pot (PIP) technique, where another dish is cooked within a separate container placed on the trivet, making it possible to prepare multiple meal components simultaneously. Understanding the correct ways to use this simple yet effective accessory can unlock new culinary opportunities in your Instant Pot endeavors.

Mastering Instant Pot Trivet Techniques

Elevate your Instant Pot cooking game by mastering trivet placement for optimal steam circulation and even heat distribution. Discover clever methods to protect delicate dishes and increase your culinary repertoire with the versatile Instant Pot trivet.

Discovering the multifaceted uses of the Instant Pot trivet can transform your cooking routine. The trivet, though unassuming in design, serves as a versatile accessory for one of the most popular kitchen gadgets around. Let’s explore the techniques that will make the trivet your new favorite tool for creating delicious and healthy meals with ease.

Steaming Vegetables To Perfection

Steaming vegetables preserves their nutrients and colors, and the Instant Pot trivet is your ally in this process. Simply follow these steps:

  • Water Placement: Fill the Instant Pot with water, ensuring it remains just below the trivet.
  • Arrange the Veggies: Place your vegetables evenly on the trivet to allow for consistent steam distribution.
  • Timing is Key: Adjust the cooking time according to the type and size of your vegetables for perfectly steamed results.

By using the trivet for steaming, you’ll maintain the integrity of your veggies, locking in flavor and nutrition.

Ensuring Meat Dishes Stay Juicy

The art of cooking meat in an Instant Pot without sacrificing juiciness is to leverage the trivet’s elevation.

Elevating meat on the trivet ensures that it is not submerged in liquid during cooking, which can lead to a boiled texture rather than the desired succulence. By creating distance between the meat and the cooking liquid, you’ll achieve a more roasted or baked consistency.

Use this technique for everything from tender ribs to moist poultry, and enjoy the unmatched flavors and textures that result.

Crafting Perfect Hard-boiled Eggs

The trivet can be your best tool for making hard-boiled eggs that are easy to peel:

  • Egg Placement: Set your eggs on the trivet, spreading them out evenly.
  • Water Ratio: Add one cup of water to the pot to provide the necessary steam.
  • Cooking Time: Set the Instant Pot for 5-7 minutes, depending on your preference for yolk firmness.

The pressure and steam work together to create hard-boiled eggs that are consistently easy to peel, without the frustration often encountered with traditional methods.

Baking In An Instant Pot?

Indeed, baking in your Instant Pot is achievable and the trivet is a key component for success.

By using the trivet, you create a space between the bottom of the pot and your baking dish, ensuring even heat distribution and preventing the burning of your baked goods. From moist banana bread to delicate cheesecakes, the Instant Pot trivet facilitates the airflow necessary for baking treats to perfection.

This technique demonstrates the surprising versatility of your Instant Pot beyond its traditional uses.

Embrace these Instant Pot trivet techniques and you’ll unlock new culinary possibilities that enhance mealtime with both convenience and quality.

Unleashing The Potential Of Your Instant Pot Trivet

Maximize the versatility of your Instant Pot with creative trivet uses, enhancing your culinary adventures. Discover methods to protect delicate foods during pressure cooking, ensuring perfectly prepared dishes every time.

The Instant Pot has revolutionized cooking by bringing versatility and efficiency to the kitchen. While the pressure cooker functionality often steals the limelight, the Instant Pot trivet – a somewhat understated accessory – holds its own set of culinary superpowers.

By understanding how to efficiently use the Instant Pot trivet, you unlock a new realm of cooking possibilities that go far beyond just pressure cooking.

Elevate Your Roasts

A key to perfect meat and poultry roasts is ensuring even heat circulation. This is where your Instant Pot trivet truly shines:

  • Ensures even cooking: Elevating your food prevents the bottom of your roast from becoming soggy or overcooked.
  • Keeps meat tender: Having the roast sit above the liquid encourages the development of a rich flavor while maintaining tender textures.

Steam Vegetables To Perfection

Steaming vegetables in your Instant Pot is as simple as it is nutritious. The trivet is the star of this process:

  • Retains nutrients: Unlike boiling, steaming preserves most of the vitamins and minerals in your veggies.
  • Achieves crisp texture: Vegetables emerge from your Instant Pot vibrant and crisp, never mushy or waterlogged.

Protect Delicate Desserts

The trivet isn’t just for savory dishes; it’s also a savior for delicate desserts:

  • Prevents burning: A cheesecake or flan requires a gentle, indirect heat, which is where the trivet comes in handy.
  • Ensures proper setting: The trivet helps in evenly distributing heat, allowing your desserts to set perfectly without overcooking.
Best ways to use instant pot trivet

Master The Art Of Pot-in-pot Cooking

The pot-in-pot (PIP) method unlocks a new world of Instant Pot cooking, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at once:

  • Offers versatility: Cook grains in the main pot and steam fish on the trivet above – the combinations are endless!
  • Saves time: Prepare a complete meal in one go, saving time and energy.

Keep Jars And Cans Submerged

Canning in the Instant Pot is a breeze when you use the trivet to keep your jars and cans in place:

  • Aids in even heating: The trivet keeps jars raised, ensuring hot water circulates around them for even sterilization.
  • Prevents breakage: It also prevents jars from rattling around and potentially breaking during the canning process.

By tapping into the full potential of your Instant Pot trivet, your culinary prowess expands, allowing you to explore a wider array of recipes and methods that would otherwise require multiple appliances. This simple rack, when used correctly, propels your Instant Pot from a mere pressure cooker to an all-in-one kitchen wizard, ensuring that each dish you prepare is cooked to absolute perfection.

Navigating The Instant Pot Trivet: A Comprehensive Guide

Master the art of pressure cooking with our expert guide on leveraging your Instant Pot trivet. Discover innovative tips to maximize its utility, ensuring every meal is cooked to perfection.

The Instant Pot trivet is often an overlooked accessory, yet it’s a versatile tool that can enhance your pressure-cooking experience in numerous ways. Understanding how to use it effectively can elevate your dishes and make meal prep a breeze.

So, let’s delve into the myriad uses of this nifty gadget and unlock its full culinary potential.

Elevating Meats For Perfect Roasting

Using the trivet in your Instant Pot means saying goodbye to soggy meats and hello to roasts with a perfect sear. The trivet lifts your meat cuts off the bottom, allowing heat to circulate evenly for consistent cooking. This method fosters a delectable crust without overcooking, ensuring your roast is juicy and full of flavor.

Mastering Meal Layering

  • Double-decker cooking: Master the art of cooking two dishes at once by placing one on the trivet and another in a compatible dish on top.
  • Flavor-infused rice: Cook rice beneath your main dish on the trivet, and the rice will absorb the delicious drippings, making for an aromatic and tasty meal.

Meal layering is an efficient way to prepare a complete dinner in one go. It’s an ingenious method for saving time without sacrificing quality. Just be sure the bottom layer contains enough liquid to prevent drying out.

Steaming Vegetables To Perfection

Vegetables are an integral part of a balanced diet, and steaming them in the Instant Pot can lock in nutrients and flavor. The trivet serves as a stand to keep your veggies above water, which means they steam beautifully without becoming mushy.

For impeccably steamed vegetables:

  • Use the steaming function: This setting is optimized for the trivet and produces vibrant, al dente veggies every time.
  • Timing is key: Adhere to recommended steaming times for different vegetables to ensure they’re not overcooked.

Steaming with the trivet is simple and yields consistent results that will make you reach for those greens more often.

Ensuring Safe Dessert Removal

Do you fancy creating desserts in your Instant Pot? The trivet is your best ally in avoiding a dessert disaster. Position your dessert container on the trivet before cooking, and once done, use the trivet’s handles to lift the whole dessert out safely and neatly.

No fear of burns or spills, just a sweet finale to your meal prep!

Best ways to use instant pot trivet

Elevate Your Cooking With The Instant Pot Trivet

Discover the versatility of the Instant Pot trivet as it takes your culinary skills to new heights. Master the art of steaming, baking, and roasting with this essential Instant Pot accessory, unlocking endless possibilities in your kitchen creations.

Unlocking the full potential of your Instant Pot can be as simple as utilizing the included trivet. This seemingly basic accessory serves as an elevated platform ensuring that your food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot, which can be crucial for certain recipes.

The trivet also allows for enhanced circulation of heat and steam, cooking your meals evenly and efficiently. With this handy tool, your Instant Pot experience can be taken to new heights, affording you the ability to explore a variety of cooking methods with ease.

Steaming Vegetables And Fish

  • Retains nutrients:

Steaming is a wholesome way to cook, preserving the vitamins and minerals in your food. Using the trivet to raise your veggies or fish above the water level means they’re cooked gently through steam without losing their nutritional value.

  • Enhances flavor:

This method locks in the natural flavors of your ingredients, negating the need for excessive seasoning or oils. Placing your food on the trivet ensures it won’t become soggy or waterlogged, maintaining the perfect texture and taste.

Perfect Hard-boiled Eggs

Every Instant Pot owner knows the struggle of achieving that perfectly hard-boiled egg. But with the trivet, the process becomes foolproof.

  • Prevents cracking:

By using the trivet, your eggs won’t directly touch the bottom of the pot where the most heat is concentrated. This prevents them from bouncing around and cracking open during the cooking process.

  • Easy peeling:

When eggs are cooked in steam rather than water, they tend to peel more easily. The trivet assists in this method, leading to a cleaner peel and a beautiful, smooth finish on your hard-boiled eggs.

Make Cleanup A Breeze

Ever faced the aftermath of a delicious, yet sticky meal that left you scrubbing the Instant Pot for what seemed like eternity? Enter the trivet.

  • Minimizes mess:

It keeps foods like ribs, chicken, or anything with a glaze off the bottom, preventing those stubborn burnt-on messes.

  • Versatile use:

Not only does the trivet keep things tidy during cooking, but it can also be used as a cooling rack for baked goods or a makeshift drying rack for dishes when you’re in a pinch.

Master The Art Of Baking

Believe it or not, your Instant Pot, paired with the trivet, can double as a mini oven for baking.

The trivet provides the necessary elevation allowing heat to encapsulate the batter evenly, resulting in moist cakes and bread without the dreaded soggy bottom.

These delicate desserts benefit from the gentle heat distribution that the trivet facilitates, giving them the smooth and creamy texture that’s so desired.

Leveraging the Instant Pot trivet is an excellent way to diversify your cooking repertoire while making the entire process more convenient and enjoyable. From flawlessly steamed veggies to delectable baked goods, your trivet is the unsung hero of the Instant Pot world, simplifying both the cooking and cleanup process.

Don’t let this metal rack sit idle in your kitchen drawer; use it to lift your dishes, literally and figuratively, to the next level.

Unraveling The Secrets Of Using Your Instant Pot Trivet

Discover the versatility of your Instant Pot trivet with our expert tips. Enhance your pressure-cooking game by mastering the best ways to utilize the trivet for delicious, perfectly cooked meals every time.

The Instant Pot is a culinary trendsetter; with a trivet tucked inside, it’s like uncovering a treasure within a treasure. The trivet, a metal rack that comes with your Instant Pot, is often underestimated, yet it holds the key to expanding your cooking repertoire.

Let’s dive in and explore some of the best ways to utilize this crucial accessory to enhance your food preparation.

Elevating Eggs To Perfection

  • Hard-Boiled Ease:

Place eggs on the trivet for perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs without the shells touching the water.

  • Steam-Poached Wonders:

Set eggs atop the trivet to steam-poach them, creating a delightful texture that’s soft and evenly cooked.

Elevating your eggs is one of the simplest yet most effective uses for the Instant Pot trivet, allowing heat to circulate evenly for flawless results every time.

Mastering The Art Of Meat Preparation

Preparing meat in the Instant Pot can transform your culinary endeavors, imparting moisture and tenderness to cuts that might otherwise turn out dry or tough. Here’s how the trivet comes into play:

  • Roasting on a Rack:

The trivet allows you to roast meats without them sitting in their juices, closely mimicking a traditional oven roast.

  • Juicier Meatloaf:

By resting your meatloaf on the trivet, grease drains away, resulting in a healthier and more savory dish.

The trivet’s ability to elevate meat above the cooking liquid can make all the difference in your meat preparation, locking in flavor and improving texture.

The Layering Game For Delectable Dishes

Combining ingredients in one pot doesn’t mean they must all meld together. With the trivet, you can layer and thus maintain distinct flavors and textures.

Place rice and water at the bottom, and layer veggies and protein on the trivet for a complete meal that cooks simultaneously yet separately.

  • Desserts in a Snap:

Try baking a cake or cheesecake on the trivet over water for a moist environment that mimics a professional bain-marie.

By mastering the layering technique, you ensure each component of your dish is cooked exactly as it should be, yielding a harmonious yet distinctive flavor profile.

Vegetable Steaming Like A Pro

Steam veggies to perfection using the trivet for a healthy side dish that doesn’t lose its nutrients in the cooking water.

  • Crisp-Tender Vegetables:

Place veggies on the trivet with water beneath to achieve that sought-after crisp-tender texture full of nutrients.

  • No More Soggy Sides:

Say goodbye to overcooked, mushy vegetables; the trivet allows for consistent steaming, preventing them from soaking in their cooking liquid.

Vegetable steaming is one of the healthiest cooking methods, and the trivet is your ally in achieving perfect outcomes that are sure to please any palate.

By stretching the full potential of your Instant Pot trivet, you unlock a world of culinary possibilities, making every meal a testament to your kitchen prowess. Embrace these tips, and witness your dishes ascend to new heights of deliciousness.

Best ways to use instant pot trivet

Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Ways To Use Instant Pot Trivet.

How Do I Use The Trivet In My Instant Pot?

Place the trivet in your Instant Pot’s inner pot before adding food that requires elevation, like meat or vegetables. This keeps items above liquids, promoting even cooking and preventing sticking or burning.

Why Use A Trivet In Pressure Cooker?

Using a trivet in a pressure cooker prevents food from sticking to the bottom and promotes even heat distribution, protecting delicate ingredients from direct heat. It also helps steam food items by keeping them above water.

What Can I Use For Instant Pot Rack?

You can use the metal trivet that comes with your Instant Pot, silicone steamer baskets, or heat-resistant racks and pans designed for pressure cookers.

Do You Have To Use A Trivet In Instant Pot For Chicken?

Using a trivet in an Instant Pot for cooking chicken is not mandatory but recommended to prevent sticking and allow even heat circulation.


Exploring the versatility of your Instant Pot trivet unlocks a world of culinary possibilities. From steaming vegetables to perfecting meats, it’s a game-changer. Embrace these tips and transform your cooking routine. Don’t forget to share your favorite trivet tricks and recipes with fellow food enthusiasts.

Happy cooking!

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