Where to Put Microwave in Small Kitchen?

Where to Put Microwave in Small Kitchen? Best Idea

To maximize space, place the microwave on a shelf, under cabinets, or in a microwave nook. Select a specific location that doesn’t interfere with your work process and is positioned away from busy areas.

Where to put microwave in small kitchen? Optimizing space in a small kitchen challenge even the most organized homeowners. Careful placement of appliances like microwaves is crucial. Small kitchens benefit from inventive solutions that integrate appliances without cluttering valuable counter space. This calls for strategic planning and perhaps utilizing unconventional spots.

The goal is to keep the kitchen functional and aesthetically pleasing while ensuring safety and accessibility. Selecting the perfect location for your microwave can make a significant difference in your kitchen’s overall layout and efficiency. By considering the design and how you move in the space, you can find a spot for your microwave that enhances your kitchen’s functionality without compromising on style.

Microwave Placement Challenges In Small Kitchens

Finding the perfect spot for a microwave in a small kitchen can be tough. With limited counter space and compact room dimensions, creative solutions are key to keeping your kitchen functional and clutter-free. Let’s explore how to tackle this common household dilemma.

Space Constraints And Functionality

A microwave needs a designated spot that doesn’t block your kitchen flow. The challenges include:

  • Finding counter space that isn’t needed for food preparation
  • Ensuring enough clearance for the microwave door to open easily
  • Locating power outlets for convenient plug-in

Your microwave should be both reachable and out of the way. Think about:

  1. Placing it on an upper shelf
  2. Building it into cabinetry
  3. Using a microwave cart or stand

Measure your space and microwave dimensions. Plan to keep it away from the stove and sink areas.

Maintaining A Clutter-free Environment

A cluttered kitchen can make cooking stressful. Your microwave must not add to the mess. To maintain a tidy kitchen:

  • Organize your countertop items to create room.
  • Choose multipurpose furniture that accommodates the microwave and offers storage.
  • Install kitchen organizers to maximize vertical space.

Be strict with what deserves counter space. Store lesser-used items away. This keeps your microwave accessible and your counters clear.

Microwave SpotBenefits
Upper ShelfKeeps counters clear, utilizes vertical space
Built-in CabinetrySeamless look, saves space
Microwave StandPortable, offers additional storage
Where to Put Microwave in Small Kitchen
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Counter Space Maximization

Maximizing counter space in a small kitchen is key. A microwave takes up valuable room. Clever placement solutions keep surfaces clear. Let’s explore some smart options!

Using A Microwave Cart Or Stand

Microwave carts and stands offer a mobile, space-saving solution. They are perfect for small kitchens. Some benefits include:

  • Extra storage for kitchen essentials
  • Easy to move and repurpose as needed
  • Variety in sizes and styles to fit your space

Choose a cart that complements your kitchen’s decor. Look for ones with shelves and drawers. They’ll help keep your space organized.

Employing Under-cabinet Mounting

Under-cabinet mounting frees up counter space. It makes use of the often-unused area beneath cabinets. Consider the following:

  1. Measure space accurately to ensure a good fit
  2. Select a microwave designed for under-cabinet installation
  3. Seek professional help for a secure and safe setup

This placement keeps the microwave at eye level. It’s great for easy access without cluttering counters.

Vertical Space Utilization

Maximizing space in a cramped kitchen means looking up – literally! Vertical Space Utilization transforms unused areas into practical storage spots. For microwave placement, using the airspace opens up counter space and can make your small kitchen more efficient and organized.

Over-the-range Options

An excellent way to save space is by installing an over-the-range microwave. This integrates your microwave above the stovetop, combining two crucial kitchen appliances in one area. Let’s check its benefits:

  • Saves counter space for prep work
  • Keeps the microwave at eye level for easy access
  • Offers built-in ventilation for the stove

Before installation, ensure there’s enough space between the stove and microwave for safety. Standard clearance is typically 13 to 24 inches.

Wall-mounted Shelves For Microwaves

Wall-mounted shelves are another smart option for tight kitchen spaces. Here are steps to make the best use of a wall-mounted shelf:

  1. Find a sturdy wall that can handle the weight
  2. Mount the shelf at an accessible height
  3. Ensure there’s a power outlet close by

Remember, keeping the microwave off the counter can make your kitchen look bigger and more organized.

Choose a shelf that complements your kitchen’s style. Metal or wood, the shelf must be heat-resistant and easy to clean.

Innovative Storage Solutions

Maximizing space in a small kitchen requires creativity. Think outside the traditional kitchen layout. Introduce clever solutions to fit a microwave without sacrificing style or functionality. Below, explore inspired ways to seamlessly integrate this appliance into your cozy cooking space.

Pull-out Cabinets And Drawers

Transform the way you utilize kitchen corners and narrow spaces. Pull-out cabinets and drawers offer a sleek, hidden home for your microwave.

  • Space-Saving: Slide the microwave out only when you need it.
  • Convenient: Easily accessible at waist height.
  • Clutter-Free: Keep counter tops clear, preserving work space.

Custom Built-in Microwave Spaces

Custom built-in spaces tailor your kitchen to use every inch effectively.

  1. Design a specialized niche in your cabinetry.
  2. Fit the microwave snugly between wall units.
  3. Blend the appliance with your kitchen decor.

With these options, your small kitchen can boast both style and function.

Appliance Coordination And Design Harmony

Finding the perfect spot for a microwave in a small kitchen challenges many homeowners. But it’s not just about saving space. Appliance coordination and design harmony matter too. They ensure your kitchen is both functional and stylish. Clever planning helps to maximize kitchen efficiency. It also maintains a cohesive look.

Selecting Compact And Space-efficient Models

When space is at a premium, choosing the right microwave is key. Look for models designed for small spaces. These are often labeled as ‘compact’ or ‘space-saving’. Here’s how to find an ideal fit:

  • Evaluate features versus size: Prioritize necessary functions to avoid bulky models with unused extras.
  • Check dimensions carefully: Compare the size of various microwaves with the available space in your kitchen.
  • Consider multifunctional devices: Some microwaves double as convection ovens or include grilling features.

Ensuring Aesthetic Integration With Kitchen Decor

Integrating your microwave seamlessly into your kitchen decor is just as important as saving space. Aim for a microwave that complements your kitchen’s style. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Match the color scheme: Choose a microwave that matches your kitchen’s color palette to maintain design consistency.
  • Mind the finish: Whether it’s stainless steel, matte, or glossy, the right finish can enhance your kitchen’s overall look.
  • Custom cabinetry options: Some microwaves can be built into cabinets or drawers, ensuring a seamless integration.
Where to Put Microwave in Small Kitchen
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Safety Considerations And Accessibility

Figuring out where to put a microwave in a small kitchen is crucial, not just for convenience but for safety too. The right spot ensures easy usage while minimizing prospects of accidents. Accessibility matters for every family member so that daily kitchen tasks run smoothly. Let’s dive into optimal microwave placement focusing on injury prevention and accessibility.

Optimal Height Considerations For Injury Prevention

Setting your microwave at the correct height is imperative for preventing injuries. It should be low enough to avoid overhead lifting but not so low that you have to stoop. The sweet spot for most users falls between counter height and eye level. This position allows easy viewing inside the microwave without strain and safe handling of hot items. Check out the key height specifics:

  • Counter height: Ideal for quick access and under-cabinet integration.
  • Just below eye level: Safe for monitoring and removing hot contents.
  • Avoid floor-level placement: Prevents bending and possible back strain.

Ease Of Access For All Family Members

Every kitchen appliance should cater to the needs of its users. Make sure your microwave is reachable for all family members who use it. Placing it too high or too low can restrict access and be a safety concern. Balance the ease of use with practical safety measures. Here’s how to maintain ease of access:

  1. Assess the family’s average height range to determine placement.
  2. Ensure there is clearance space in front of the microwave for safe operation.
  3. Ideally, place it near the fridge and main preparation area for efficient workflow.

Remember, the goal is to have a kitchen where functionality and safety harmonize. Your microwave should be a helpful tool, not a hurdle in your culinary adventures.

Where to Put Microwave in Small Kitchen
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Frequently Asked Questions On Where To Put Microwave In Small Kitchen?

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Microwave In A Small Kitchen?

The best place for a microwave in a small kitchen is on a shelf or in a dedicated appliance garage. Choose a spot near the fridge for cooking efficiency. Optimize counter space by avoiding corners or frequently used prep areas.

Where Not To Put A Microwave?

Avoid placing microwaves near water sources, inside cabinets, on uneven surfaces, directly above a heat source, or in confined, unventilated spaces to prevent hazards and ensure proper functioning.

Where To Put Microwave In Small U Shaped Kitchen?

Place your microwave over the range or on a shelf under the upper cabinets within your U-shaped kitchen to save space. Corner spaces or an appliance garage can also be efficient spots to keep it accessible yet out of the way.

Where Do You Put A Microwave If Not Over The Stove?

Place your microwave on a kitchen countertop, a built-in wall shelf, a microwave cart, or under the counter in a dedicated space. Consider your kitchen layout for optimal convenience and accessibility.


Maximizing small kitchen space requires creativity, especially for microwave placement. Wall mounts, under-cabinet brackets, or over-the-range spots save precious counter space. Consider your kitchen’s flow and safety when deciding. Effective placement not only eases meal prep but also enhances kitchen functionality.

Embrace these tips for a clutter-free and efficient cooking area.

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